Creation Care WEB BANNER


As part of our current sermon series we are challenging everyone to look at actions they can take or changes they can make that help create a more sustainable way of living and raise awareness of the need to be more conscious of our impact on the world around us.

Below is a series of downloadable Actions & Ambitions Planners that correspond to each week of our 'Creation Care' sermon series. Each planner lists a variety of actions you might like to consider - some are simple and short term changes, others are more long term. These are not exhaustive lists but provide some practical suggestions and resources to help you find ways to become more eco-conscious in the every day.

You can find a copy of the Creation Care Small Group Notes by clicking here. Or head on over to our YouTube Playlist to catch up, or re-watch, some of our sermons in this series.

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Resources used and adapted from material by Kerith Community Church. Used with permission.