Each month we will be focussing on a different mission partner, bringing you up to date news and a prayer you can use at home.

For the month of November we will be focussing on:

Open Doors

Open Doors is an international ministry serving persecuted Christians and churches worldwide. Also mobilising the Church in UK and Ireland.

    The Vision is to see a strong Church that stands together defying persecution and sharing Jesus no matter what the cost.

     We call ourselves a Christian if we confess with our mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in our heart that God raised him from the dead. However for many Christians this confession comes at an astronomical price. They pay with their freedom, their dignity and even their lives!

      For over 65 years Open Doors has stood with Christians facing persecution around the world, encouraging and strengthening them by supplying bibles, providing emergency relief, training church leaders and other Christians, supporting victims of violence and disaster.

“We can’t stop the persecution but we can help the Church stand strong for the long term”

      This summer in response to the Church of India’s global call ( caught between two crises ; a third wave of the pandemic and the intensified persecution from Hindu Extremists )  Open Doors campaigned to raise awareness. Thirty eight MPs and representatives attended the Parliamentary briefing of an Open Doors commissioned report conducted by the London School of Economics, highlighting the extreme persecution facing Christians and other religious minorities in India,  titled
Destructive Lies   This was followed by further engagement from MPs  regarding issues raised in the report and further implementation is being pursued by the Advocacy Team.

       Open Doors Field Teams were able to bring emergency Covid aid to vulnerable believers with no other means of support, while continuing to strengthen believers for whom persecution and discrimination are a daily reality.

        In Syria and Iraq  Open Doors partners are supporting more and more people through the  Centres of Hope helping Christians, churches and communities to rebuild and restore and continually point to Jesus as the ultimate Hope for the future.

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