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Sermon Questions 

Relating to the sermon on Sunday 29th November

Our new sermon series is “Comfort and Joy”, and this week's theme was "The Patriarchs".

Genesis 15:1-7
At this point in the story (Gen 15) Abram wasn’t a father at all, his wife was barren, and they were childless yet ironically (and painfully) his name suggested he was! Abram means ‘exalted father’. He had just rescued his nephew Lot, his wife and possessions in a bloody battle (Gen 14) and refused to take more than his fair share of the plunder. This and many other things illustrate that Abram was a devout believer, faithful, trustworthy and diligent.

In the following chapters we see God rewarding Abram. Firstly Abram encounters God in a vision (15:1-2). Abram challenges God which is an audacious and brave move, and reveals the closeness of their mutual relationship (v). God gives a promise to Abram that he will have a son (4), Abram believes and receives the eternal benefits (6). God reminds Abram what He has graciously given (v7).

Reading ahead to Gen 17 we discover that God changes Abram’s name to Abraham - from ‘exalted father’ to ‘Father of many nations’. Wow! As we know, he did indeed become ‘Father of many Nations’.

What a story!

  1. From this snippet of scripture what gives comfort and joy to Abraham?
  2. Why is comfort and joy so important to Abraham (or any believer)? What impact does it have on their relationship with God and the call on their life?
  3. What brings Heavenly Father comfort and joy – (refer to the story)?
  4. How do you receive comfort and joy from Heavenly Father when you, like Abraham, follow the way of faith and obedience?