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Are you retired and still active? Or coming up to retirement soon? Then you may be interested in a new group at St Mary’s.
Today many people in western society can expect to have 20-30 years of active retirement, when they are no longer in full time work but continue to be reasonably healthy. That is a “luxury” that has only appeared in the last 30 years or so. So what will you do with those extra years? What does it mean to live retirement well? And what does it mean to follow Jesus in this period of our lives?
“Living Retirement Well” will explore some of these questions in a friendly and relaxed setting, while supporting and encouraging each other in this stage of life. 
We will be meeting on the third Monday of each month at St Mary's. Each meeting will start with refreshments from 7:30pm, discussion will start at 7:45pm and we will finish at 9:45pm.
If you are interested, do come along to find out more, or contact Brian Macfaden