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Cluster Groups 

What is Cluster?

Cluster is similar to small groups - with a few differences:

  • Cluster starts with a summary of the Sunday sermon led by Steve Rankin at Sale West and Jane Beaumont at St Mary's. This prevents people from feeling on the back foot if they haven't heard it on Sunday and refreshing the memories of those who have heard it.
  • No pressure, no guilt - come when you can. If weeks go by before you can return, that's absolutely fine, you are welcomed whenever you return.
  • We meet different people most weeks making it appealing to those who enjoy flexibility.
  • For those who like a little stability - there is a core group who attend each week.
  • The group breaks into 4 people for discussion ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to contribute.
  • There is no limit to how many people can join Cluster  - we have the space to expand.
  • Cluster uses the same weekly study material as Small Groups.
  • Cluster has a clear finish time - beneficial to those who want a little bit of the evening left to relax.

What do we do?

We work out faith together by looking at the bible and allowing God to encourage, inform and direct our lives. We follow series, some are topical and some are books of the bible or bible characters.

We worship together. We pray together. All stages of faith and all ages of adults come together. It is wonderful!

Where do we meet?

St Mary's Cluster meets at St Mary's Church Centre every Tuesday evening: 7.45pm with refreshments on arrival, start at 8pm, finish at 9.30pm

Sale West Cluster meets at 109 Ascot Ave, Sale West  every Wednesday evening: 7.45pm with refreshments on arrival, start at 8pm, finish at 9.30pm

If you would like to pop along one evening please do so, you are more than welcome.

Fill in an enquiry form if you are interested in attending.